Rocklands Bird Sanctuary and Montego Bay Highlights Tour from Falmouth

This half-day tour will take you to Rocklands Bird Sanctuary and to tourist highlights in Montego Bay including Sam Sharp Square, Saint James Parish Church, Richmond Hill and hip-strip shopping.

This half-day tour will take you to Rocklands Bird Sanctuary and to tourist highlights in Montego Bay including Sam Sharp Square, Saint James Parish Church, Richmond Hill and hip-strip shopping.

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Pass By: Greenwood Great House, 435 Belgrade Ave, Montego Bay Jamaica

The Greenwood Great House (Plantation home) was constructed in the early 18th Century. Like most, if not all the other Great Houses in Jamaica, the Greenwood Great House was built at high elevation. One could say that this was a strategy used back in the plantation era as a means of overlooking the plantation and also for security purposes. This house, unlike the Rose Hall Great House, is not haunted but of a more peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The history and the architecture of the house is what will blow you away. As you pass by, feel free to take photos when your tour guide slows down.

Pass By: Rose Hall Great House, Rose Hall, Montego Bay Jamaica

This Rose Hall Great House is an early 18th century plantation home that sits on a high elevation on thousands of acres in Rose Hall, Montego Bay. The Rose Hall Great House was once owned by the famous and certainly one of the wickedest plantation owners to walk the land of Jamaica, Annie Palmer. She owned hundreds of slaves. This house became haunted after her gruesome death in 1831. The house is scary to look at even in the daytime. There is no stop at the Rose all Great House on your way to Negril however, your tour guide will tell you the history and slow down so that you can take photos.

Stop At: Rocklands Bird Sanctuary, Rocklands Road, Wiltshire Jamaica

This bird sanctuary started in 1952 by Lisa Salmon, also know as the “Bird Lady” who open it’s doors to visitors in 1958. There are several different species that visit the location daily to spend spend quality time with visitors. Watch the birds fly around eagerly, waiting for you to put out a finger for them to perch while they gobble up the nectar from a handheld bottle or a finch perched and happily eating from your palm.
See many species of birds such as the Jamaican Oriole, The Doctor Bird (national bird of Jamaica), White Winged Dove, Finches, Red Crowned Woodpecker and much more! Please note that these birds are not caged, they are wild birds that visits the sanctuary daily to feed and interact with visitors. After about 1 hour with the birds, the bird keeper will take you on a short walk in the woods, pointing out various local trees and plants. You might just see a Barn Owl sleeping somewhere between the sticks! This is truly a nature lover’s dream tour.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Stop At: Sam Sharpe Square, Montego Bay Jamaica

Get your cameras ready as you make your way from the port. We drive on the left so, don’t be alarmed as your driver makes his way through the busy Barnett Street (longest street in Montego Bay) to downtown. Our first 15 minutes stop will be at Sam Sharp Square where statues of slaves who were severely punished in the year 1832 for the Christmas day rebellion that took place in 1831 are on display. Feel free to exit the vehicle and browse The museum at the Montego Bay Civic Centre.

Duration: 15 minutes

Stop At: St James Parish Church, Payne Street, Montego Bay Jamaica

Built in 1775, the St. James Parish Church was described by the famous English artist, James Hakewill, as “the handsomest church on the island” because of its exquisite Georgian architecture. View the numerous memorial tablets and monuments including a marble baptismal font installed in 1848, a large solid organ made of burnished mahogany, constructed in Liverpool, England in 1780; and a brass lectern made in the shape of an eagle with outstretched wings. The church’s interior also features several beautiful murals done by English sculptors from the 18th and 19th centuries, the most famous of which is John Bacon. We encourage you to read the marble plaques and headstones that displays an array of exquisite poems and well wishes written in old English. The most impressive characteristic a three-light Palladian window framed in carved burnished mahogany. The centre light in the window represents the crucifixion, while the sidelights represent the resurrection and ascension of Christ.

Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Hip Strip, Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay Jamaica

The Montego Bay Hip Strip is one of the most active souvenir shopping areas you will find in Jamaica – It’s known for some of the best souvenir shopping ever! There are several gift shops and craft markets selling various kinds of local art and crafts plus other items like T-Shirts, caps, mugs, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Rums, Bob Marley and Usain bolt’s memorabilia. There is also duty free shopping, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, Starbucks, Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records, Harley Davidson Jamaica, just to name a few of the popular spots. On the Hip Strip you can also find elegant dining and authentic jerk chicken eateries. Most visitors to Montego Bay find the Hip Strip very convenient because of its varieties. Don’t forget to negotiate prices.

Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Richmond Hill Inn, Richmond Hill Rd, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Richmond Hill is where the elegant Richmond Hill Great House once stood. This colonial style Great House which was destroyed by fire on December 30, 2019 was located 500 feet above the hustle and bustle of Montego Bay City. The house was built in 1804 by members of the Dewar family, original owners of the Dewars Whisky. This Great House was strategically built at the highest point in the town centre and was home to several movie scenes including James Bond Movies. Entertainers LL Cool J, Alicia Keys, Eddie Murphy all visited this house. From the Richmond hill you get a panoramic view of the entire city of Montego Bay and beyond. The view is astonishing and stretches over 25 miles (40.23 meters). Your tour guide will tell you all about the rich history of Richmond Hill Great House while doing your walk through. Although the Great House is no longer there, this is still the number one spot to relax, take a breath and take pictures and feel the heartbeat of the city.

Duration: 15 minutes

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Duration: 6 hours

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